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Elliston Zion UMC
Church Staff
LisaAnne Gregg - Pastor -

Pastor LisaAnne was appointed as the Laity Supply Pastor to Elliston Zion on July 1 2019.  She completed Local Licensed Pastor's Training and was appointed by Bishop Palmer to Elliston Zion as Lead Pastor effective Oct. 1, 2020. 

To add an item to the church calendar or reserve the fellowship hall, please send Pastor LisaAnne an email at

She is also Certified Lay Servant and is available for pulpit support. 

If you are in need of spiritual support, you may call /text LisaAnne at 419-250-1188.


JoAnne Craft - Ministry Team/Lead Team

JoAnne is our wonderful caretaker and Lay Leader.  She may be contacted for spiritual support and prayer. 

JoAnne is also the President of Elliston Zion United Methodist Women and is on the Maumee Watershed District UMW team.  

She is also a certified UM Lay Speaker and is available for pulpit support. 



Charles Kaylor - Ministry Team -

Chuck is a retired Local Licensed Pastor in the UMC and now a member of the Ministry Team at Elliston Zion.  Chuck is available for pulpit support.

Mary Stulpin - Ministry Team/PPRC Representative -

Mary is a certified Lay Servant and a vital member of our Ministry Team.  She is very involved in animal rescue and helps to design our yearly Blessing of the Pets service. 

Adam Pfeiffer - Lead Team Member

Melissa Gregg - Lead Team/Missions Coordinator
Barbara Smith - Choir Director
Lorene Klingbeil - Organist
Leslie Vogelpohl - Food Pantry Coordinator -