Seeking a few good builders

Posted on Mon, Jun 24, 2013:

Mission opportunity week of Aug. 11

 Rev. Keeler is trying to put together a team of workes who can help build a garage at the Mountain Mentor camp on the Maine-New Hampshire border the week of Aug. 11.

 The Mentors are adding the facility to provide much-needed storage space for tools and equipment at the camp, which is used each summer to help at-risk teens and children from the Greater Toledo area. The Mentors is a non-profit organization that operates from Monroe Street UMC to work with troubled kids over a two-year period. The group runs 2-4 hiking trips each summer in New Hampshire and also takes teens on a week-long bike hike in Ohio each year.

 Carrie Andryc became a mentor a young Toledo girl this year and participated last week in the week-long bike hike.

 The mission team will work under the direction of Bob Duffy, a long-time Mentor board member, as they build the storage facility near to a house that sits on the front of the Mentor property. A Zion team traveled to New Hampshire last summer to refinish floors in the home and to add a deck on the back of the house.

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