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Elliston Zion UMC
Elliston Zion UMC
Photo Gallery: 2013 New Hampshire Mission Team
2013 New Hampshire Mission Team
Team leader Bob Duffy and his little barn in the woods
Viewed 1876 times
1st sheet of roofing on
Viewed 1871 times
Roof deck goes on
Viewed 1942 times
Building takes shape
Viewed 1888 times
Trusses, siding going up
Viewed 1959 times
First truss is in place
Viewed 2064 times
A boatload of 2X8s
Viewed 1879 times
Walls up; trusses next
Viewed 1992 times
4th load of lumber arrives
Viewed 1991 times
Next up: walls
Viewed 1922 times
Deck takes shape
Viewed 1904 times
More lumber arrives
Viewed 1972 times
Deck frame in place
Viewed 1974 times
Beginning the deck
Viewed 1902 times
The site
Posts are installed
Viewed 1702 times
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