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January Newsletter Highlights
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January Newsletter Highlights

Posted on Tue, Jan 5, 2016

Food Pantry Task Force Forming at Elliston Zion
Elliston Zion is forming a task force to investigate, create and administer new ideas for our Food Pantry to better serve the hungry of our community. We would like to partner with Food for Thought and/or the Toledo Seagate Food Bank to further serve our neighbors. If you would like to be part of this task force & new ministry, please see Pastor or Pat Young.

Giving and Tithes Envelopes 
Giving and Tithes envelopes are available in the office.  Members will no longer be issued individual numbers, so please remember to write your name on the envelope, especially if giving cash. Thank you!

Individual giving statements for 2015 will be available soon.  Please see LisaAnne or Ted if you have any questions concerning your statement. 

Notes of Thanks

I want to thank you for your generosity and graciousness; my family and I appreciate the love offering I received Christmas Eve. It has been a joy to live and work with you in the ministry of Zion church and I look forward, with great joy, to the challenge of bringing the LIGHT of Christ to our neighbors. May the Light of Christ dwell richly within you. God’s blessings be upon us all in the New Year.
Sincerely yours,
Pastor Paula

I would like to thank everyone who donated food or cash, worked many hours getting things ready and those who delivered the food to Dar Mensing and family.  I am thankful that we as a church could help them this way.  Now that the holidays are over I pray that we can continue to bless them in some way.  Pat Young

I would like to thank Pat Stoycheff-Lacumsky and Carolyne Carr who helped in the kitchen for Super Saturday. We enjoyed being with the children and helping with them frosting and decorating cookies.  Pat Young

Water Being Collected 
See cases of water for a good price? Pick up a few! We’re collecting them for distribution at the Apple Festival. Questions – see JoAnne. 

UMW 2016 Planning 
The United Methodist Women are meeting on January 17 after worship for a light lunch and meeting. They will be planning their activities for the year so if you have ideas of activities or programs please bring them to this meeting.

Potluck & Ping Pong
Everyone is invited on February 7 for the all church potluck followed by our annual Ping Pong tournament. Get practicing and come for an enjoyable afternoon of fellowship and fun competition!


2016 Mission Trip
Henderson Settlement Frakes, Kentucky

S.O.W.E.R.  Sharing Our Witness – Enriching Relationships
Sowing the Seeds of Christian Love in Southeast Kentucky
The SOWER VIM Team is in the planning stages for constructing the 15th home for a family in 2016. The cost of materials to build one of the 28’ x 28’ or 28’ x 32’ houses from the ground up is approximately $43,000 to $47,000.  The SOWER VIM Project is in need of both funding to cover material costs and volunteers for the build. 

Elliston Zion UMC is going to participate in this project and is looking for prayer partners, volunteers to travel to Kentucky to help with the construction and financial support. 
Melissa is coordinating a team to help with the home from July 10-16. The registration fee is $250/person and covers food and lodging at Henderson Settlement. While there is no requirement for volunteers to contribute to the cost of materials, it is suggested that each volunteer or their church contribute $400 to $500 toward the cost of materials. Volunteers without materials to work with are not very effective!

If you’re interested in going on the mission trip, please let Melissa know ASAP. This will help her determine if we have a large enough group to go. 
SOWER is a West Ohio Conference VIM project that constructs new housing as part of the Henderson Settlement work camp program.   Henderson Settlement, Frakes, Kentucky, is a component of the Red Bird Missionary Conference providing a multitude of services to southern Bell and Whitley counties in Kentucky and northern Campbell and Claiborne counties in Tennessee. The Work Camp Program, which has approximately 3,000 volunteers each year, is one of the services provided.  Work Camp volunteers repair 130 to 150 existing homes each year and have built new houses (32 to date) to raise the quality of life for the owner families in the local area.

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