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Elliston Zion UMC
Ask God to put a name on your heart
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Ask God to put a name on your heart

Posted on Sun, Mar 17, 2013

Church leaders meet with adult, teen classes

 Rev. Keeler and other church leaders met March 10 with all adult and teen classes at Zion and asked each class to begin working to achieve the church's vision of bringing 20 new persons to Christ and restoring relationship with 20 members this year.

 "Ask God to put a name on your heart," Rev. Keeler told those attending. "I guarantee you that God will place a name in your mind that you might not otherwise have discerned."

 He urged the classes to surround their vision work with prayer. Begin with prayer, he said, and end with prayer. He outlined a simple process: pray that God will help you to think of someone's name, discuss that name with members of your class, determine what it might take to attract that person to church, and then act to make that happen. He asked each class to be intentional about discussing the vision work every week.

 Ken Leist discussed the methodology that his class, the Christian Ambassadors, has embraced and suggested that others do the same. He urged each member to not try to come up with 20 or 30 names, but rather only one or two. Once those names have been dealt with, he said, you can move on to list further names.

 Pat Young, Jean Smith, and Rev. Keeler also asked class members to volunteer for specific ministries that will help us to attract and keep new members, including creation of a valet parking service, a "cards 'n calls" group, and in-home visitation teams. Additonal volunteer slips will be available beginning March 17 in the narthex for those who might wish to sign up.

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