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An essay by Colleen Traver
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An essay by Colleen Traver

Posted on Mon, Nov 4, 2013


"Where I'm From"


I am from the country,

From hunting deer and fishing.

I am from a small town with few houses

(Quiet, lots of nature around, and beautiful in my eyes.)

I am from the hugs of my gradma,

The tears from when my grandpa died.

I am from the love of my parents and fighting with my brothers,

Happiness and anger.

From the lessons of my uncles and my neighbors,

To the take charge but kind attitude of my grandpa.


I am from homemade ice-cream and deer meat sausage,

From working hard and earning what you want.

I am from the farming and playing in the rain

And riding to the elevator in the farm trucks.

I am from Martin with only a few houses

And surrounded by fields and woods.


In my room, you'll find family pictures from when we were younger.


I am from those moments,

snapped while I budded.

Leaf-fall from the family tree.
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